Miles F. Osmaston, MA (Oxon)
The White Cottage,Sendmarsh,
Ripley, Woking, Surrey GU23 6JT, UK.
E: miles@osmaston.demon.co.uk
URL: http://osmaston.org.uk

Welcome to the Unpublished Drafts Page of the Miles Osmaston website.

Unpublished Drafts

  1. 1. Osmaston M. F. (----) Two Breeds of Ophiolite. (21 pages... Present text completed 18 May 2018. (draft 2.2MB pdf)
  2. 2. Osmaston M. F. (----) Ballantrae Ophiolite as a separatively emplaced HEO in the frame of the Grampian I, II and Caledonian tectonic sequence in the British Isles, 590 - 390 Ma, with Silurian crunch, post-subduction magmatism and Pridolian re-splitting. Written 2007, this, in full, has 58,000 words plus 310 refs and 12 figs. Too big for inclusion in full. Click here for first 9 pages, including index page and abstract (draft 64kb pdf)
  3. 3. Osmaston M. F. (----) An interim outline of some research under the heading: Some aspects of a continuum theory of physical nature. (33 pages... Present text begun 21 June 1994. Last revised 16 October 1994. (draft 147kB pdf)
  4. 4. Osmaston M. F. (----) Appendix E to (3) above. A scenario for formation of the solar system. (8 pages... Present text revised 21 June 1994. (draft 35kB pdf)
  5. 5. Osmaston M. F. (----) Appendix G to (3) above. Random longitudinal velocity (RLV) line broadening and frequency dispersion.. (3 pages... Present text revised and rewritten 23 August 1994. Corrected at Eq. G2 (change of index signs for P); and N.B. note added to conclusion 2. 4 September 1996. (draft 33kB pdf)
  6. 6. Osmaston M. F. (----) Appendix H to (3) above. Quarks, the strong nuclear force and energies of nuclear fusion.. (1 page... Present text Minor revision 6 Nov 1994. Diagram redrawn 8 Sept 1998. (draft 28kB pdf)

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