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This page is devoted to my development of Continuum Theory (CT).

CT has emerged as a highly progressive step in physical philosophy. Firstly, its strength rests on its 1959 origin being based, not on then-current theoretical ideas, but upon its observational basis. This involved analysis and my interpretation of a large body of observation in previous peer-reviewed publications by others. And, secondly, upon the peer-reviewed status enthusiastically accorded at that time to my proposed interpretation.

How did this happen? CT has its roots in a remarkable physical discovery I made in 1959-60 in the course of a militarily secret physical investigation. The purpose of that investigation was the development of an airborne astronavigation system for use at high flight altitudes in daylight. My discovery arose from analysis by me and a colleague, Dr Roy L. Nelson, of a security-restricted collation (without analysis), of U.S.-observed sky brightness measurements that had been put together by NL Barr (1953) for the US Department of Defense. We found that, superimposed upon the brightness distribution expected under standard Rayleigh-scattering theory, one observes at high altitudes a quite different and solar-coloured one, whose principal feature is an antisolar point brightening, the clarity of which increases with flight altitude.

Barr document
Using the US Freedom of Information legislation, I have now, for purposes of record, obtained the release of the Barr document.
I have had it reprinted and I have presented copies to several relevant UK libraries.

Experience in my earlier career then led me to propose that this superimposed light pattern might be the result of deflection scattering of sunlight by a 'particle-tied aether', the particles concerned being the randomly moving ones in the Earth's atmosphere. My discovery rests on the fact that, on close analysis, we found that this explanation matched the principal features of the observations remarkably well. This discovery, enthusiastically peer-reviewed by the two top physicists in the company, led them to obtain board-level funding for me to pursue it exclusively until the project demanded my return to it, nine months later.

More details of these events and of my CT thinking to which they led are given in Item No 140 of the Publications listing page of this website. There I also record that, despite leaving that employment in 1962, secrecy still inhibited my subsequent public development of this discovery for many years.

Accordingly, I start with:-

Osmaston M. F. (2003) A particle-tied aether - Indications of a deeper foundation for physics and relativity. In Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT) VII, British Society for the Philosophy of Science, 15-18 Sept 2000 . Late Papers (ed. M. C. Duffy) p. 230-240, PD Publications, Liverpool (ISBN 1 873 694 05 9). Pdf of this paper is available HERE and at

The Publications listing page of the present site records this paper as No 74, with earlier CT-related items at Nos 1, 23, 24 & 39. Next, listed as Nos 79 & 84, were:-

Osmaston M. F. (2004) Continuum Theory (CT); major implications of the 'particle-tied aether' concept for gravitation, rotational effects, and the strong nuclear force. Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT) VIII. 6-9 Sept 2002 , Imperial College, London. Proceedings of the conference (M.C. Duffy, ed.), p.355-385. ISBN 1 873 694 07 5.

Osmaston M. F. (2006) A continuum theory (CT) of physical nature: towards a new 'ground floor' for physics and astronomy, including gravitation and cosmogony, with major tangible support. 'PIRT X'. Publication of this 31 page paper, submitted and accepted in 2006 but published Moscow 2012 in: MC Duffy, VO Gladyshev, AN Morozov, & P Rowlands (eds), Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory, Proceedings of the International Scientific Meeting - 'PIRT-2006', 8-11 Sept. 2006, Imperial College, London. p. 287-317 (Moscow 2011) after transfer delays necessitated by the crippling illness of the PIRT founding editor, Dr M.C. Duffy.

The Moscow website record is in fact my '06Eb' 41-page update version of the paper, submitted 4th October 2006, which was editorially deemed too big for inclusion in the hardcopy 'Proceedings' publication. But it is now available on the PIRT Moscow website, listed in author alphabetical position under the following URL:- For your convenience, it is also made available here (pdf) and incorporates 3 additional Figures, a Table of particle-tied aether phenomena, strengthened 'Concluding remarks', and 50 more references. Thus it is more comprehensively referenced than my later papers on CT.

The next, had it been published, would appear at 108a in my listing, and it is presented here:

Osmaston M. F. (2010) Continuum Theory: physical nature viewed from a deeper level; a rewarding replacement for SR/GR and its mortal inconsistencies. Submitted to and accepted for PIRT XII proceedings (MC Duffy, VO Gladyshev, AN Morozov, & P Rowlands, eds) as record of my same-titled talk given at:- Twelfth Int Conf on Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT XII). Brit Soc Philos Sci, Imperial College, London, 10-13 Sept 2010.

As noted above, however, transfer of the London PIRT VII to PIRT XII materials to the Moscow space-lab website actually never got further than PIRT X (2006).

I still (2015) regard this 33pp PIRT XII paper, with its detailed TOC, Epilogue and 137refs, as a very good one. So, to ensure its continued availability for at least the next few years, this Continuum page provides both for its pdf download and for that of my corresponding lecture (ppt).

Following the demise of the London PIRT conferences I have been able to find other publication outlets for my CT work on fundamental physics, in which my full and apparently unprecedented implementation of the Maxwell's equations aether now leads to vital new insight on the physics of the gravitational process, adding a new force to the Newtonian view. Inter alia, this force proves to have been an essential feature during construction of the solar planetary system, and provides the starting-point for the Earth-evolution sequence covered in my Goldschmidt 2010, Knoxville poster (see the Home page).

Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance 17th Annual Conference of the NPA June 2010, California State University, Long Beach.

The Physics of Reality: Space, Time, Matter, Cosmos. Proceedings of the 8th Symposium Honoring Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier.

Unified Field Mechanics: Natural Science Beyond the Veil of Spacetime; Proceedings of the 9th Symposium Honoring Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier.

Copies of 'The Physics of Reality' and of 'Unified Field Mechanics', together with a copy of Barr's 1953 paper 'Brightness of the Atmosphere',
are now held in the RAS library at Burlington House, London, for loan to RAS members.

Downloadable files from these three volumes...

  1. 1. Osmaston, M.F. (2010) Continuum Theory: Physical Nature Viewed from a Deeper Level; a Rewarding Replacement for SR/GR. In 17th Ann. Conf. of the NPA at California State University, Long Beach, June 2010. Proc. Natural Philosophy Alliance (ed. CK Whitney) Vol. 7 (2), pp. 720-748. ISSN 1555 4775. (4002kb pdf)
  2. 2. Osmaston, M.F. (2013) Implementing Maxwell's aether illuminates the physics of gravitation: the gravity-electric (G-E) field, evident at every scale, from the ionosphere to spiral galaxies and a neutron star extreme. In The Physics of Reality: Space, Time, Matter, Cosmos: Proceedings of the 8th Symposium Honoring Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier (ed. R. L. Amoroso, L. H. Kauffman, and P. R. Rowlands), pp. 388-410. Singapore, World Scientific Publishers, ISBN: 978-981-4504-77-5. ( 1192kb pdf )
  3. 3. Osmaston, M.F. (2013) Continuum Theory (CT): its particle-tied aether yields a continuous auto-creation, non-expanding cosmology and new light on galaxy evolution and clusters. In The Physics of Reality: Space, Time, Matter, Cosmos: Proceedings of the 8th Symposium Honoring Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier (ed. R. L. Amoroso, L. H. Kauffman, and P. R. Rowlands), pp. 411-433. Singapore, World Scientific Publishers, ISBN: 978-981-4504-77-5. (980kb pdf)
For my Osmaston, M.F. (2015) five CT contributions to the 'Unified Field Mechanics' volume please refer to Items 140 to 144 on the Publications Listing page of this website.

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